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Japanese Hair Straightening

The Process

  • Straightening solution is applied to the hair and left in the hair for about 10 to 30 minutes (depending on type of hair)

  • Hair is rinsed with warm water, and dried completely

  • Hair is then straightened with a straightening iron

  • A neutralizer solution is applied to the hair after straightening

  • The whole process will take about 2 to 3 hours



Price varies with the length, volume and thickness of your hair. We will determine the actual price after assessing your hair in person. (We will not be able to provide such assessments over the phone).

How often?

If you have long hair, we recommend hair straightening every 6 months. The wave on the hair roots will be pulled and straightened by the weight of your hair.


If you have short hair, it will depend on your type of hair. We will give you some suggestions after completing the initial hair straightening.

I have colored hair…?
To get the best results, we highly recommend you don't have any previous chemical treatment done on your hair. If you have colored hair, let us take a look and decide if hair straightening is recommended.

Will hair straightening damage my hair?
Hair straightening uses chemical solutions which may not be good for your hair. However, when compared to daily blow-drying your hair, it will be much healthier to get a hair straightening once or twice a year.

How long will it last?
Treated hair will remain straight until you cut it off.

We use Liscio Hair Straightening products

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